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Our Infrastructure

We created a purpose build infrastructure using high-end AWS Cloud servers. Unlike many other pools we provide external relay-node support using a high-speed 5gbs link between the block producer node. This allows us to provide high availability like no one else. With 5 Relay nodes across multiple servers and the block producing node protected from the outside you know the CNT pool will be the best in class.

Status Monitor Name Uptime
up Block Producer - CoinTourage 100.000 %
up Relay Asia 1 - CoinTourage 99.889 %
up Relay Asia 2 - CoinTourage 99.775 %
up Relay West 1 - CoinTourage 100.000 %
up Relay West 2 - CoinTourage 100.000 %
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Security, Availability and 24/7 support makes our pool a reliable investment for your Cardano Stake. Reaching the highest number of TXs processed and giving the best rewards